Doing the Works of Jesus — God's power is available to youGod’s power is available to you. I can not only testify that this is true. But, I can also share many experiences to show you how that works. The good news remains that God has things for us to do in the Kingdom of God. They are not difficult—but they do require that you ask and obey. The book on the left shares how the Lord has taught me to minister.

Jesus not only paid the price for your sin. He, as the Messiah, sent the Holy Spirit to empower you to help people. Like all things in the Kingdom, all you have to do is ask. He’ll joyfully send the help you need, the power to do what is necessary, and the people who need your help.

What do you need to do?

Make sure you’ve given your life to Jesus. Give Him permission to make you new. Ask Him to forgive your sin. Open up to Him and let Him work in you.

God’s power is available to you

Let us help your need!

Some preaching by Brian in Croatia