Basic kingdom principles explained clearlyBrian’s book Doing the Works of Jesus (subtitled: Kingdom Principles for Your Life) gives you basic kingdom principles explained clearly. Are you stymied in your ministry and life because you are not aware of basic principles provided to all believers in the kingdom of God? In many cases, this simple truth unlocks the door into wonderful ministry for the Lord. Access to the power of the Holy Spirit comes with the package when you respond to His call and allow Him into your life.

You have not been left without help. In fact, most of us discover quite quickly the truth of John 15: “Without me, you can do nothing”!

Basic kingdom principles explained clearly — Doing the Works of Jesus

These basic principles come straight from the Word, and you need them in your life. This book can transform your life if you are open to His power and presence in your life. Here you will find teaching and testimony from a man the Lord has used in His kingdom. Brian has a lot of practical, powerful, and timely to share in this time where much of the church is experiencing a great falling away. Much of the church world has grown cold and complacent and at-ease forgetting the command of Jesus to the church. The believer is to be in the world but not of the world; kingdom-minded, not earthly-minded.

In Doing the Works of Jesus, Brian urges believers to awaken to their God-given purpose and calling: The Great Commission! Jesus’ last words to the infant Church were to “make disciples” and to teach and train them to do what He had taught them. What did Jesus do and what did He teach His disciples? Jesus preached the Gospel, healed the sick, cast out devils, and raised the dead. That’s the commission of the Church and every Christian, both preacher, and layman alike. In this book, Brian lays out simple, step-by-step instructions on how to lead a person to Christ and in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The text is replete with personal experiences to build confidence and encouragement that you too can be used by God, as well as providing helpful guidelines. Brian wrote this book to help you discover your God-given purpose and to instill God’s heart for daily outreach into our world, becoming on-fire for God, witnessing Christians. he teaches you how to reach people for Christ in your daily life and how to be empowered by God to make a mark that cannot be erased. You will be inspired, challenged, and transformed to another level of life in Christ!

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