This how I met the Lord

My experience with Jesus Christ began as a young boy. I was drawn to attend church even though my parents didn’t attend. I would walk up the street to a nearby church. This church preached a basic salvation message. I went faithfully to Sunday school and enjoyed the fun, games, and free candy.

During a program for children at age 11, I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus and asked Him to be the Lord of my life.

I continued to attend the same neighborhood church until I graduated from high school. The church was okay, but there was no real passion or fire in the lives of the people.

Shortly after going off to college I made a big mess of my life, as many young people do. A message taught in many churches, which I also had ingrained in me was “once saved―always saved.” For many people, that’s a ticket to sin. So as many, I thought I could go out and live it up, and it didn’t matter how I lived because nothing would affect my salvation.

I began smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and drinking too much alcohol and began dating a gal I met at the bar. We decided to get married even though we had only known each other for a short time. I had no way of knowing that she had lived a troubled life a long time before we met; however, I soon found out. As two people with messed up lives, our marriage was a bad combination and it brought grief to both of us.

One night while getting drunk we got into a spat. She went to her sister’s house next door. I went over to talk to her, but they wouldn’t let me in the house. I began to pound on the kitchen window to get their attention. Because I was drunk, I hit the window so hard with my fist that I broke the window out. They called the police and when they arrived I spoke with the two of them telling them how I used to go to church.

As I explained this to one of the policemen, he said, “Oh, you’re my brother in the Lord.” At the time I thought that was kind of weird, considering the shape I was in. In spite of my drunken stupor, I could see God in his life. The other policeman talked to me and explained the facts of life according to the way he lived. He let me know in crude and vulgar detail how life is to be experienced.

It was amazing how that night I witnessed both heaven and hell through two different people. I could see that each one of them lived in a totally different way. I shared with them that I was in school studying to become a policeman. Since I had no previous record and this was my first violation, they extended mercy to me.

The next night the Christian policeman came by to see me and asked if I wanted to ride patrol with him. I began to ride with him on a regular basis. He used the time while I was riding with him to speak into my life. He said things that grew me up and that I really needed to hear. For several years he made a great impact on my life just being my friend.

Recommitting My Life Back to Christ

One day all hell literally broke loose in my life. When I got to work my wife called and said she was filing for a divorce. She left me and remarried within nine months. During this time I recommitted my life to the Lord. I became serious about my commitment to Christ and served God with my whole heart. All the while the Lord had something more for me, although I didn’t know it at the time.